So for our first post, we thought we would like to say why we enjoy and love what we do. We asked our city centre outreach team to tell us why they come out to help the homeless.

Becky, one of the founders and directors of Homeless Street Angels said, “I love to make our friends on the streets know that they have someone who cares and someone to look out for them no matter what”.

Michelle, our Head of City Centre Outreach said “I love to see their faces light up when I give them a cuddle. So many people just ignore them, a cuddle makes them feel human again”.

Lynda said “I want them to know that they are not on their own and that they will always have someone who cares”.

Jan said, “I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and have their basic human needs met. I’d like to think what we do helps the people we see feel that there are people who care and will fight their corner”.

Christine said, “I personally feel sowing kindness and compassion is the best gift I can give someone in need. I just love being part of Homeless Steet Angels team, supporting vulnerable people within our community and hopefully gaining their trust”.

We all love doing what we do for different personal reasons, but most of all we all love to see our homeless friends happy and safe. As a team, we all met over a common want to help others who are in need and we have grown together to become a family.