So many of you know us for what we do on the streets for our homeless friends but it doesn’t stop there – that is just the beginning, our long-term goal is to get our friends off the streets and in a home of their own and help them to rebuild their lives. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 

Firstly we need to start with housing options and getting them in the system and making sure they keep up with their bids week after week. 


Once getting there properties we need to make the extra touches and make it a home. That’s when all the appeals go out and loads of pickups and collections. We then work our magic and give them something to be proud of but it still doesn’t stop there. 


The support is needed now more than ever – help with sorting out bills , paperwork appointments food parcels and just a friendly face so they know they are not alone without everyone’s help and support we wouldn’t be able to continue to do what we do and change lives

As well as amazing donations of essentials for our friends on the streets, we rely on generous donations of things for the people we help to rehouse.