Santa Sack Appeal

Last year at Christmas time we put together backpacks full of presents for our homeless friends to open on Christmas Eve. They were full of essentials such as toiletries, hand warmers, underwear and lots more, all individually wrapped so they had lots of presents to wake up to. 

Over 100 rucksacks were filled on the night with items such as wipes, socks, toiletries, chocolate bars, scarves, and gloves. Each bag also had a slice of Christmas cake, a book, and a gift such as lip balm, hand warmers, torch or umbrellas – and every single item was wrapped up.

On Christmas Eve, many volunteers turned up to hand out the rucksacks to our homeless friends. Armed with present filled backpacks they hit the streets of Leeds city centre to spread Christmas cheer. It’s a very hard time of year for our friends on the streets and we want to make it a little bit easier for them. It’s important to us that we make this time of year special for our homeless friends, so they can feel less alone and know that someone cares. 

This year we plan on doing a similar thing to ensure our homeless friends have another special Christmas. We are going to be taking Santa sacks full with presents and essentials to gift to our friends on the streets, but we need help! The only way we can continue the amazing work we do for the homeless is through donations and this time is no different. 

To be able to make this festive time of year special we will be relying on amazing and generous donations. While you’re doing your Christmas shopping think of the homeless men, women and dogs and maybe pick up an extra gift set or box of chocolates to donate for the homeless. A small gift like these can make someone’s Christmas feel so much better. Knowing that someone has thought about them at this time of year can make our friends feel as though they are cared about and are not alone.

Please if you are able to donate, donate. Below is a list of just a few things that would be great donations. For those that may be unable to buy gifts, we are also doing sponsor a Santa sack, for £25 each it will consist of a Santa sack with gift-wrapped presents and essentials with a personalised gift tag – for our guys on the streets that have furry companions we are also doing doggie sacks at £12 each and are appealing for dog toys and treats. Please give what you can, and thankyou in advance.


Why We Do What We Do

So for our first post, we thought we would like to say why we enjoy and love what we do. We asked our city centre outreach team to tell us why they come out to help the homeless.

Becky, one of the founders and directors of Homeless Street Angels said, “I love to make our friends on the streets know that they have someone who cares and someone to look out for them no matter what”.

Michelle, our Head of City Centre Outreach said “I love to see their faces light up when I give them a cuddle. So many people just ignore them, a cuddle makes them feel human again”.

Lynda said “I want them to know that they are not on their own and that they will always have someone who cares”.

Jan said, “I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and have their basic human needs met. I’d like to think what we do helps the people we see feel that there are people who care and will fight their corner”.

Christine said, “I personally feel sowing kindness and compassion is the best gift I can give someone in need. I just love being part of Homeless Steet Angels team, supporting vulnerable people within our community and hopefully gaining their trust”.

We all love doing what we do for different personal reasons, but most of all we all love to see our homeless friends happy and safe. As a team, we all met over a common want to help others who are in need and we have grown together to become a family.

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