As many of you know Becky and Shelley Joyce tirelessly run Homeless Street Angels. The main fundraising goal is to one day open a day centre for the homeless in memory of their sister Abi and name it Abi House. At the day centre they hope to be able to bring together services, provide life lessons (such as cooking and washing), a place to take a shower and get clean, and a warm drink and someone to talk to, as well as much more. 

March 12th is Abi’s birthday so to raise even more money to help to working towards this goal Becky and her best friend Helen Williams-Taylor decided they were going to jump out of plane at 7.5 thousand feet. 

Facing her fears to raise money, a couple of years ago Becky did a sponsored shark dive and jumped in a tank filled with sharks all in the name of Homeless Street Angels. So the next fear to face was heights! 


So the girls took to the skies and faced their fears! After coming down they both had very different reactions… Becky said she has faced her fears but will never do it again, whereas Helen was ready to go back up, jump again and from even higher the next time!

Becky and Helen for weeks before the jump were sharing their donation pages to raise as much money for Homeless Street Angels.

After all the amazing donations on the go fund me and just giving page, on homeless street angels website and in cash they managed to raise a huge…

£ 6,866 !!!

This amazing amount of money will be a huge step closer to our goal of opening Abi House and being able to help the Homeless even more!

If you would like to make a donation to Homeless Street Angels or you want to find out any more on what we do visit