We help the homeless throughout the year but Christmas is a particularly hard time for our homeless friends. As they are sat on the cold ground watching everyone buying their loved ones gifts it can make them feel even lower.

This is why we try to make Christmas an extra special time of the year and pull out all the stops to ensure they feel loved.

So as you know we had a Santa sack appeal and collected gifts, wrapped them and bagged them up in Santa sacks ready to take out and deliver to our homeless friends. The Santa sack appeal was a huge success, raising nearly a thousand pounds!

On Christmas eve we headed to the streets of Leeds to hand out the presents to all our homeless friends and also give them a hot Christmas dinner.

On Christmas morning one of our amazing volunteers was up at the crack of dawn to start cooking lots of breakfast sandwiches to take out to our homeless guys. Along with a small team of our volunteers, she set off with sandwiches and hot drinks to warm the homeless up on Christmas day morning!

Our homeless friends were so happy to wake up to a hot sandwich and lots of goodies!

We would like to say a special thanks to Stoneacre Properties for a donation of £1000 and hundreds of chocolates -we managed to share a lot with the children’s wards and St Gemmas hospice!

Helping our friends at Christmas is very important to us and we want to make it as special as we can for them! However, being homeless doesn’t just happen at Christmas, we help them all year round and count on the generous donations of the public to ensure we can keep helping our homeless friends!

Donations filling Becky’s living room!